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Domaine William Fèvre, the largest owner of Grands Crus in Chablis, covers 70 hectares or 90 separate plots in the heart of the Chablis vineyards. For nearly 20 years, the estate has been committed to a strong environmental approach. The first of the Chablis estates to be certified HVE3 certification since 2014, the majority of the vineyard is farmed biodynamically.
The team is committed to working the soil while respecting biodiversity, and we do everything in our power to express the most subtle variations offered by the Kimmeridgian and Chablis soils. The work we do is to accompany, sublimate and not transform what nature and the terroir gives us.

The Vineyard

“The steep, stony slopes to the right and left of the Serein are the cradle of a history that goes back over one hundred and fifty million years. This unique Kimmeridgian terroir, alternating marl and marly limestone, gives Chablis wines their mineral character and immense freshness. It’s an envied characteristic, often imitated but never equalled.

Over the centuries, despite the tragedy of phylloxera at the end of the 19th century, the Chablis vineyards have built up their reputation and strengthened their assets to become one of the great terroirs of Burgundy”.


Even with its 250 years of existence, William Fèvre has always been an estatein tune with the times and resolutely forward looking. In 1959, William Fèvre took over the reins of the family estate, giving it a new name and a new impetus. Domaine William Fevre joined the DBR Lafite family in January 2024 where respect for the Chablis terroir remains as much at its heart as it did for William.

The Team

Domaine William Fèvre works passionately to express the authenticity of the Chablis terroirs, with respect for tradition and nature. The team works throughout the year with the same rigour and the same precision in order to achieve excellence in each climate.
In the cellar, the cellar master becomes the orchestra conductor, guiding the wines according to the demands for quality and elegance set by the estate. To preserve freshness and minerality, and allow the subtle nuances of the Chablis terroirs to express themselves, the estate uses barrels with an average age of 6 years instead of new barrels.

The result is rich, purely aromatic wines that retain their distinctive character and reveal the particularities of each vintage.

The Wines

The crus of Chablis are renowned for their unique personality and distinctive minerality. Over and above deeply rooted family values, the estate has succeeded over the years in bringing a new dynamic to its vineyards and wines, using modern technical resources and a resolutely avant-garde vision.
Style alone is nothing: the emotional potential of the estate’s wines lies in their ability to appeal to the senses. And when they do, it’s the terroir that emerges to offer a fresh, mineral emotion, an astonishing movement.

Our Commitment

A forerunner in organic farming practices since 2000 on 50 hectares of the estate, and biodynamic viticulture since 2010 on all the Premiers Crus and Grands Crus,
Domaine William Fèvre was the first estate in Chablis to obtain Haute Valeur Environnementale certification in 2014.
This label of excellence, a result of the Grenelle Environment Round Table, is the highest level of environmental certification. It is based on the estate’s overall compliance with environmental performance thresholds as a whole, covering biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy and fertiliser management.
The conversion of the entire Domaine William Fèvre estate to organic farming practices by 2026 is part of this ongoing strong environmental commitment.

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