Our commitment

We encourage our terroirs to offer their best, by respecting the land that creates our grapes.

Farming Philosophy


In each of our estates – whether Pauillac, the Colchagua Valley in Chile, or the Shandong region of China – once we decide to put down roots, we take our time.

“Over the years, we carefully observe how nature takes her course in each terroir.

We then create ecosystems that work in harmony with both the natural and social rhythms of every unique location.”


When viticulture took an industrial turn toward monoculture at the end of the 1970’s, we stood our ground in the belief that vines thrive when they are surrounded by the rich diversity of wilderness.

“Ecosystems follow one simple rule: their own.”

Organic farming

In 2021, with our application for official certification, we confirmed the move toward organic farming for all our French properties.

This is a new step in our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach.

“As a team, wherever we are in the world, we continuously re-examine and adapt our winegrowing practices to produce exceptional wines, while caring diligently for the wellbeing of our employees, our soils and our consumers.”

Winemaking Philosophy

The harvest

We taste our grapes by hand, to decide the precise moment to harvest. Balance is key; neither too early nor too late in any move we make.

The barrel

Our cooperage produces the barrels in which our wine is matured, crafted by hand
with generations of artisanal savoir-faire. These ancient traditional methods allows our wines to express their full characters, unadulterated.

The cellar

We minimise intervention in the cellar, to produce assemblages that express each year’s unique vintage. We apply to the creation of each vintage the experience gained from over 150 years of winemaking – allowing each inimitable terroir to offer up its very best.


We never innovate simply to avoid missing out on a trend. Rather, we carefully develop and adapt practices which can help us to produce better wines. Our use of “Massal” selection at Châteaux Lafite Rothschild, L’Évangile, and at Bodegas CARO allows us to sustain the exceptional vines passed down to us through generations.

The wine

Our wines tell the story of their terroirs more eloquently that we ever could – they are wines of exquisite balance, refinement, a certain freshness. Impactful without ever overpowering, there’s one quality that sums them up nicely: grace.

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