Les Légendes R

Our family has been making wine in Bordeaux since 1868. Over six generations we have learned about this beautiful landscape and the unique characteristics of the vines in each appellation.

In 1999, we wanted to create a new range of wines, each of which would embody the appellation from which it came. Bordeaux is a unique and welcoming place, full of different characters. This is the spirit of Les Lègendes R: To ensure that wine lovers from all over the world can immerse themselves in Bordeaux and taste the originality of each appellation. Our CSR commitments also apply to Les Légendes R . The challenges of sustainable viticulture, resource conservation, responsible sourcing, meeting consumer expectations and human solidarity are integrated at every stage, from wine selection to tasting.

For over 150 years, our master winemakers have been making the best wines in Bordeaux. This is illustrated by the positive observations made in the field as we meet with our partners: the wine industry is making progress in terms of both quality and environmental management. Close partnerships with our wine growers allow us to select the best grapes. From there, the job is to find the best balance between the traditional winemaking process and the technical know-how to make wines that best reflect the personality of the terroirs from which they come. Among our commitments: fair compensation in support of maintaining local roots. To reduce our associated carbon footprint, our packaging is evolving with lighter bottles and more environmentally friendly materials.

DBR Lafite joined the B Corp community in December 2023. To see more, click here.

To find out more about Les Légendes, consult our CSR report.

“Les Légendes R wines are created by blending carefully selected wines. The art lies in creating from this fine selection a style that embodies the quintessence of their appellation. It’s an exciting adventure every year.”

Diane Flamand
oenologist, responsible for Les Légendes R

“Les Légendes R Bordeaux Rouge tells the story of those cyclists in the Tour de France, who get lost along the way between the rows of vines to quench their thirst with a glass of Bordeaux.”

Les Légendes R Rouge

There is no better way to explore the region than on two wheels. So, it would be a shame to rush. The Tour de France often speeds through it, the cyclists being more concerned with winning than with wine. But rumour has it that when some riders know they are behind and that defeat is inevitable, they sometimes “get lost” along the way. Of course, their only option is to meet at a local vineyard and rest their weary limbs in the sun with a glass of Bordeaux. For us, this does not look like a defeat at all.

Our Bordeaux Rouge is mainly made from Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes are sourced from the best terroirs of the Entre-deux-Mers. As is traditional in Bordeaux, this wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. What makes Les Légendes R Bordeaux Rouge so unique is that our winemakers use a higher proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon, DBR Lafite’s signature grape. It contributes to the elegant structure of our Bordeaux, while the Merlot gives it roundness. This wine is partially aged in oak barrels, which gives it the desired level of complexity and its characteristic finesse.

“Les Légendes R Bordeaux Blanc is the story of two friends. Every year, to convince Jacques to accompany him to the oyster huts of Cap Ferret, André promises him that they will be accompanied by a glass of Bordeaux Blanc.”

Les Légendes R Blanc

The bravest man the world has ever seen is the one who was the first to eat a raw oyster,” says an old saying. Jacques is not so daring. But once a year, he accompanies his friend André on a bike ride to Arcachon. There they take the boat to Cap Ferret to visit the legendary oyster huts on the beach. What’s on the menu? Only oysters. It’s not ideal for Jacques, but André gobbles them up by the dozen. So why does Jacques go? André knows that his friend needs no more persuasion than a chilled bottle of Bordeaux Blanc to seduce him. As a bribe, this one is not so bad.

To obtain our fresh and aromatic Bordeaux Blancs, we harvest the grapes before sunrise to preserve their delicate aromas. The result is a wine that offers an explosion of flavours the moment you open it.

In addition to Sauvignon Blanc, which makes up the majority of the blend, it includes an unusual percentage of Sémillon. This is a tradition at DBR Lafite, as we have been producing great Sémillons in Sauternes for decades. The Sémillon gives the wine its volume and an incredible mouthfeel, while increasing its cellaring potential.

This blend combines tropical fruit notes such as pineapple and passion fruit with delicate mineral notes. Aged on lees, it has a nice roundness balanced by a fresh and crisp finish.

“Les Légendes R Bordeaux Médoc evokes the Biellet family, who every Saturday had to bring the Médoc wine to the other side of the estuary, even if it meant making Philippe swim.”

Les Légendes R Médoc

The Gironde estuary was once home to families who lived on the islands along the river.

But it took more than a body of water to get between the Biellet family and their favourite wine. Every Saturday, they rowed across the estuary to the market in Macau to stock up on supplies and, above all, to buy a few cases of their Médoc of choice. They were always a little ambitious about how much wine the boat could carry. Leaving a precious cargo behind? Never, even if it meant that their youngest son had to swim back home. Bravo, Philippe!

The Médoc is a flagship name when it comes to Bordeaux, always synonymous with structure and complexity. Les Légendes R Médoc perfectly reflects what Cabernet Sauvignon has to offer with its intensity and silky-smooth texture, so unique for a young wine.

This Médoc is made from Cabernet Sauvignon, the king of grapes, with the same care as our Grands Crus. The grapes are carefully sorted and then lightly crushed before undergoing a slow fermentation, with regular pumping over to allow gentle extraction of tannins and phenolic compounds. Some of the wine is aged for 8 months in French oak barrels, which contributes to its finesse and complexity.

This wine is well-balanced and complex, with aromas of black fruits mixed with vanilla and nutmeg. The subtle smoky notes are perfectly integrated and lead to a long spicy finish. Decanting is recommended, to allow it to fully express itself.

“Les Légendes R Saint Émilion is an evocation of this labyrinth of quarries and tunnels hidden under the vineyards of the appellation…”

Les Légendes R Saint-Émilion

The village of Saint Émilion is famous for its preserved architecture and its legendary wines. Saint Émilion is a unique appellation in the Bordeaux region, where an abundance of small vineyards forms the mosaic of the landscape. But what happens under the vines is just as special.

Beneath the vineyards lies a labyrinth of quarries and tunnels, linking lots, and cellars throughout the region. This underground network is not only useful for getting around, it is also considered the ideal place for winegrowers to hide their secret treasures. And with a wine as special as Saint Émilion, it’s no wonder they want to keep a private collection.

Our Saint Émilion is a confidential vintage, composed mainly of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. It has a complex but supple tannic structure, balanced by the fruity roundness of the plum and black cherry aromas.

The DBR Lafite teams have been producing exceptional Merlots on the Right Bank for nearly thirty years, so it was natural for Les Légendes R to offer a Saint Émilion.

The selection of a great Saint Émilion for our range required several years of intensive work by our winemakers to find a wine that would truly respect our style while being faithful to its terroir.

It is a silky, harmonious wine with a distinguished bouquet of red fruit and toast. Les Légendes R Saint Émilion is aged for 12 months in oak barrels, some of which are new. Suave on the palate, with silky tannins, it is a wine of great persistence.

“Les Légendes R Pauillac is the quintessence
of these mythical terroirs of an appellation that hosts three
of the first five Grands Crus Classés of 1855!”

Les Légendes R Pauillac

The secret of Pauillac wines lies in its terroirs. The landscape is almost white, all because of the light-coloured pebbles that cover the gravelly ground. It is these layers of terroir that are the secret of lively and exceptional wines.

Les Légendes R Pauillac wines come in part from our family vineyards, Château Lafite Rothschild and Château Duhart-Milon. These wines are aged in barrels made in our own nearby cooperage, which contribute to the style and give the wine its incomparable elegance.

The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, aged for 12 months in oak barrels, results in a complex and structured wine with toasty and spicy notes. A long-lasting wine that will reveal its secrets over time. A beautiful expression of the power and elegance of this great Bordeaux appellation.

“Each of the Les Légendes R wines
is blended to give the perfect expression
of the Bordeaux appellation from which it originates.”

Diane Flamand,
oenologist, responsible for Les Legendes R
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