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DBR Lafite joins the B Corp community

After more than two years of efforts, we are honored to announce that all of our estates (Châteaux Lafite Rothschild, Duhart-Milon, L’Evangile, Rieussec, Paradis Casseuil, Domaine d’Aussières, Vina Los Vascos, Bodegas CARO, Domaine de Long Dai) have been labeled as B Corp.

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B Corp seemed to us the most global labelisation in terms of environmental and social commitment. Nothing is left to chance, and the aim is to make constant progress over the years.

Obtaining this label marks a significant evolution, by placing our commitment at the core of all our decision-making processes. This was possible thanks to teamwork and meticulous collection of information and data characterising our practices across all our vineyards. We are extremely proud of how our teams have embraced this new chapter of our history, guided, as always, by the rhythm of nature.

At DBR Lafite, we believe these environmental adaptations to protect biodiversity make us stronger in the face of climate change and how this can impact our culture in the future.
We believe that it is from the ground up, in our vines and our cellars that we can find the potential adaptations of our actions to anticipate the new set of rules that nature will have us play by. A thousand thanks to everyone in our team who participated in this collective effort.

Some of the concrete actions we have already taken:

  • 850ha organically farmed or in conversion to organic farming
  • As part of ‘solidarity days’, more than 250 voluntary work missions were carried out, with 68% of employees in France taking part, as well as numerous other support initiatives abroad
  • Average decrease of 35g per bottle weight over 6 years
  • Nearly 70% of our 5,000ha are naturally conducive to biodiversity, thanks to the presence of Natura 2000 protected areas, woods and meadows

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