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Meet The Family, Primeurs Style 

The ‘Primeurs’ event is a much-anticipated moment in the winemaker’s calendar.

At the end of spring, wine merchants and collectors gather to taste the vintages harvested the year before, for the first time.

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In honour of our 2022 ‘Primeurs’, we imagined a ‘Family Luncheon’ hosted by The Weather, that capricious character central to every winemaker’s year.

This short film will tell you a little bit about our new vintages… and a lot about the people who make them!

Where else would you find Estate Directors so fully committed as our incredible home-grown cast? Eric Kohler shines as a poetic embodiment of the Weather, Saskia de Rothschild plays the role of Château Lafite Rothschild as an eccentric and funny grandmother, and Alexandre Canciani is a natural as Château Duhart-Milon’s ‘Rebellious Uncle’. Juliette Couderc, meanwhile, pulls out her English accent as Château L’Évangile, and Louis Caillard finds his nerdiest glasses to bring our very own ‘Precocious Child’ of Carruades de Lafite to life…

Our DBR Lafite team went all in…

Join us for an imagined ‘repas de famille’, introducing the DBR Lafite wines of 2022.


Opening a bottle? Please enjoy responsibly, at legal drinking age only.

Meet the family...
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