Around the world, our winegrowers share strong ties to perfect and enrich their savoir-faire.

The winegrower

Through his experience and his knowledge of its plots, the winegrower applies the decisive gestures every season.

He carries out pruning in the winter in order to bring out the best of the vines. In the spring, de-budding must be performed carefully in order to leave enough wood for the vines to be renewed, which ensures the vineyards’ sustainability.

“The winegrower’s job is very closely tied to the grape vines, particularly to the vine stock.
He develops a bond with the vines, often a lifelong relationship which only uprooting of the vines for replanting or the winegrower’s retirement can break.”

A master winegrower is the team leader, responsible for supervising, planning, and organising the manual work in the vineyard. He is in charge of the physiological upkeep of the vines, and of planning projects for that purpose.

The assistant vineyard worker

The assistant vineyard worker oversees the maintenance of the vines throughout the growing season in order to ensure the right positioning of the branches for the next pruning.

His winter work essentially involves untying, rolling vine shoots, and protecting pruning scars. In the spring, he is responsible for trellising and de-suckering. Like the winegrower, he participates in group efforts such as harvests in the autumn, and assists in the cellars when needed.

The machinery operator

There are many mechanical works in the vineyard, between soil preparation and maintenance, crop protection, topping, fertilising, etc.

Throughout the year and on variable dates depending on the climate, our tractor operators provide plowing and stripping, sulphating and spraying.

A machine operator manager, the operator’s team leader, supervises planning and operations of mechanical work performed in the vineyard. They then participate in the collective work in autumn.

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