Knowledge, instinct, and refined senses… The blend expresses the unique style and quality of each vintage.

A collective balancing act

Blending is an art of subtlety. In the DBR Lafite estates, it is practiced as a team – in communion – of the different trades and professions. The decision maker is always the Château and its terroir, the wine, and its unique style.

For this crucial step, the oenologist, the cellar master, the owner, the vineyard manager, and sometimes a guest, meet in the hushed atmosphere of the cellar to patiently taste the samples of each grape variety and terroir.

“Over the course of tastings, week after week, the blend is refined until everyone recognizes the quality, style, and character of the vintage.”

In this tireless quest for the singular expression of the terroir, the selection is refined over time and through exchanges. Until everyone recognizes, without hesitation, the new vintage. It’s a balancing act. The combination of senses and experience, memory and precision. Year after year, the development of the blend is an exciting adventure. An eternal beginning anew.

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