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‘Til the Cows Come Home

A ‘Regard sur Lafite’ from Photographer Charlotte Dumas

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This year, celebrated Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas joined us at Chateau Lafite Rothschild to create the images for our annual Holiday Greetings card (Views on Lafite)– a choice we make each year after much consideration. Dumas’ work with animals immediately captured our attention and our imagination; her unique style of animal photography treats its subjects with such obvious sensitivity that we knew at once there was no one better to introduce our beloved herd of 30 ‘Marine’ Cattle, who roam the Lafite marshes year-round. At Baron Eric’s encouragement, these cows were introduced to the grounds of Lafite about 30 years ago, having been on the brink of extinction.

As Dumas says of her visit,

“My time spent on the premises of Lafite left a profound impression on me. The meticulous and organic way in which the landscape is cared for and cultivated is palpable in every aspect of this special place. The cohesive nature of all that grows provided a truly inspiring environment. It was a challenge and a joy to portray the beautiful cattle that roam the outer wetlands. They play an important role in maintaining a delicate ecosystem, underlining that everything that lives is connected and inter-dependent.”

We are extremely grateful to Charlotte for these beautiful images, which we will treasure not only in the form of our 2023 greeting card – they’ll be framed on the Chateau walls for years to come! 
Explore the vital role of our cattle in the Lafite ecosystem, in our article Micro-cosmic: The Hidden Universe Beneath our Feet, here.

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