In each cellar, the work hand-in-hand with nature extends to fully express the true character of our wines.

The cellar master

With precision and sensitivity, the cellar master gives form to the new wine.

After supervising the harvest and fermenting, he prepares tastings of blends of the various grapes from different terroirs in order to obtain the finest possible balance, which embodies the image of the property.

“The cellar master takes note of the slightest variations in the gestation of the new wine.”

Supervising the wines’ ageing is then his main concern in order to ensure the success of the vintage.

He oversees the cellar staff’s work, taking note of the slightest variations in the gestation of the new wine.

Later, he will supervise the various operations involved in bottling.

The cellar worker

The cellar worker literally “lives in the shadows” due to the fact that he is always working in dark cellars. He handles the wine from the arrival of the grapes through to bottling.

He is the steward of the wine during its long ageing period. He carries out the work that enables the wine to develop through its contact with the wood, and to undergo natural clarification.

In the autumn, he performs various harvest reception operations, macerating, pressing, placing in tanks, blending and cleaning.

Once placed in barrels, he will perform the topping up and the racking of barrels every 3 months.

Until bottling, this cycle lasts 3 years for fine wines.

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