Viña Los Vascos, 2016 Harvest Report




The growing season was marked by strong rainfall at harvest time, putting major logistical pressures on the teams. Nevertheless, the red grapes picked show good concentration.

Winter was in keeping with the usual climatic conditions. The frosts observed did not affect the vines while the rain was essentially concentrated in July.

Spring was characterised by a large variation between night-time and daytime temperatures. The minimum average temperatures were lower than normal while the maximum temperature went over 35°C, in particular during the months of October and November.

Hot weather set in during the summer and the average maximum temperatures were around 35°C, with peaks of 37.9°C in January and February. March was cooler, however, with a maximum temperature of 28°C. The cooler weather and the strong reduction in the intensity of the sun’s rays resulted in a large number of cloudy days, which significantly slowed down the ripening of the grapes.

At harvest time, the abundant rainfall (95.6 mm in March and 51.4 in April) obliged us to re-think our picking strategy.

We significantly increased the size of our teams for harvesting the oldest vines destined for production of LE DIX. In parallel, we harvested day and night, by machine, the youngest vines reserved for the production of Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon. This allowed us to obtain ripe, undamaged fruit, consistent and of very good quality. Further, there was practically no loss recorded in terms of volume.



CABERNET SAUVIGNON: Fresh red fruit notes (raspberry, strawberry and cherry) with a hint of mint, sage and saffron. Good sensation of volume and structure on the palate, with pronounced yet supple tannins.
Harvest: from 12 April to 4 May.

CARMENÈRE: Perfectly reveals its typical characters. The nose opens with spicy notes of black and white pepper, bay leaf and thyme. On the palate, notes of black cherry, blackberry and blueberry, and supple and pleasant tannins.
Harvest: from 21 to 28 April.

SYRAH: Very noticeable notes of fresh raspberry blended with floral and charcuterie notes. On the palate, the tannins are powerful and elegant.
Harvest: from 11 to 18 April.

CHARDONNAY: Good freshness and superb balance between acidity and alcohol. Subtle notes of ripe peach and pineapple and green banana. The grapes come from vineyards “bathed” by the fresh breeze from the Pacific Ocean.
Harvest: from 17 March to 18 April.

SAUVIGNON BLANC: Exceptional typical character. A fresh aromatic framework with accents of green apple, fresh pineapple and pear, with subtle notes of lime. Its remarkable freshness highlights the juicy and lively character of the wine.
Harvest: from 21 March to 27 April.

The harvest report was prepared by Claudio Naranjo, Managing Director of Viña Los Vascos, Marcelo Gallardo, Chief Winemaker, Enrique Marquez, Vineyard Manager and Olivier Trégoat, Technical Director of DBR (Lafite) properties outside Bordeaux.