Viña Los Vascos hit by an earthquake on 27 February 2010

Viña Los Vascos hit by an earthquake on 27 February 2010


A terrible, magnitude 8.8 earthquake hit Chile on February 27th. Our Viña Los Vascos estate in the Colchagua valley, midway between Concepción, the epicentre, and Santiago, Chile’s capital, has been severely affected.


Fortunately, all our personnel and their families are safe and sound, but some of them have lost their homes and the local infrastructures are badly damaged. We are already helping the most vulnerable, finding them temporary accommodation and rebuilding houses and we are also actively taking part in rebuilding schools.

I travelled to Chile in the immediate aftermath of the quake to support our teams out there and shared their anxiety during the numerous replicas. I can testify to the strength of character of the Chilean people who immediately got to work to repair the destruction caused by the quake. At Los Vascos, our people rallied to restore business at the bodega and prepare the harvest that started in mid-March.

Though the cellar building itself withstood the quake, inside there was complete chaos, and we lost a few vats, barrels and bottles; but shipments will not be affected, but there might be a few delays and a quicker move on to the next vintage.

That briefly summarizes the current situation.

I would like to thank you all for the support and concern you have shown in these past days. Our team in Chile truly appreciate it and are working hard to bring life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Christophe Salin