2022 - Harry Gruyaert

Harry Gruyaert was 20 when he decided to leave his native Belgium for Paris, after having studied at the school of film and photography in Brussels. This marked the start of his career in the media, taking pictures for the press. On a first trip to Morocco, he discovered a fascination with colours. This experience also awakened his desire to travel the world, to better feel it and express it in photographs. 

To find the unique image, the strong image, the one that captures attention, Harry Gruyaert turned to a slower, more documentary approach. He took an interest in contemporary subjects, such as pop-art, television. It was in 1972 that he created his photo series TV Shots. He paints a portrait of the world with pop accents and, through his photographs, poses real questions about modernity and everyday life. A member of the Magnum Photos agency since 1981, Harry Gruyaert spent more than thirty years travelling the world, before returning to his native country.