2014 - Sharon Core

Sharon Core, an American photographer born in 1965, is a highly respected artist. Art critics raise the question of the veil that sometimes separates or subtly connects photography and painting.

She has been inspired by Raphaelle Peale, a nineteenth century still life painter, and also by works from the Pop Art era by contemporary artist Wayne Thiebaud.

But putting such considerations aside, one can simply say that it is her sensitivity, combined with a mastery of light, that creates a spark, an uncanny natural beauty. She manages to focus on that aspect of the objects that transcends a “still life” (or nature morte in French).

More than a technical accomplishment, this sumptuous photograph created for Château Lafite’s 2014 New Year’s Wishes, is the product of an artistic talent that has immortalized this mythical and yet very real bunch of grapes.

A timeless masterpiece…