2013 - Michael Kenna

We had wanted to exhibit Michael Kenna’s work for some years, and were finally able to achieve this in 2013. He could be described as a “graphic artist”, but his work encompasses much more than this. This year, he has been invited to exhibit in galleries all over the world. 2013 has been an excellent vintage for him!

Of Irish origin, Kenna was born in England, and wanted to be a painter but studied photography to ensure that he would be able to earn his living working in advertising.
At the age of 22 he saw an exhibition in London entitled “The Land”, and it was this that inspired him to devote himself to the Art of photography. He was subsequently influenced by European masters such as Brandt, Atget, Emerson and Sudek, and Americans such as Callahan, Sheeler and Stieglitz. He continued to hone his artistic talents at the same time as working in the advertising world.
Over time and the course of his travels, Kenna developed his own unique view of landscapes and towns. You feel that there is something of the alchemist in his compositions. In fact, in his vision of nature and human elements, we find the person who wanted to be a painter. His gaze on trees and mythical places could also be that of a set designer, or an architect.

Everything that he observes becomes imbued with an aura. He brings out lines and harmony. Behind this style, Kenna revealed a charming, relaxed personality during his time at Château Lafite Rothschild.