Cromas Carmenere Gran Reserva


Nowhere like in Chile does the power of nature express itself through the intensity of the light and through the magnificence and diversity of colors. From the unique red hues of the Andes mountains to the ultramarine ocean, Carmenère, Chile’s iconic varietal, has captured the magnitude and rawness of its surrounding environment. Its dense, dark purple juices are often found like ink marks on the hands our cultivators.
Its aromatic palette is as wide and generous as nature itself, and even 12 months ageing in oak barrels barely manage to tame it!

Cromas Carmenere Gran Reserva Colchagua


  • Vintage 2019

    • Carménère 100%

    Cromas Carmenère Gran Reserva is the same wine as the current Carmenère Grande Réserve. The Los Vascos Cromas name inspired us with the colours of nature that reflect the terroir and the Los Vascos teams’ expertise. With this new change, the drier-than-usual start to the season required early irrigation and meticulous monitoring of the vineyard.

    The major challenge for the 2019 vintage essentially resulted from the extremely high temperatures at the end of January and beginning of February (reaching 40.6°C). Fortunately, the much cooler nights, with a record low of 10.2°C, allowed high-quality grapes to be obtained with excellent ripeness and balance.
    The harvests began on 15 April and ended on 7 May.


    Intense colour tinged with purple.
    On the nose, the wine reveals fruit aromas such as blackberry, plum and black cherry that gradually evolve with notes of white pepper and herbaceous notes characteristic of this grape variety. On the palate, the tannins are soft, silky with a pleasant balance between density and acidity.


  • Vintage 2018

    • Carménère 100%

    2018 offered optimal weather conditions. The season started with average rainfall in winter and spring, which provided favorable conditions for bud break and fruit onset. Minimum temperatures were mild throughout the season, and luckily we didn’t suffer any frost episode.

    The main characteristic of the summer was that temperatures remained slightly below average, which allowed grapes to ripen slowly. This factor, combined with a great after season with no precipitations, was determining for the harvest timing that started rather late once the grapes had developed fully and reached optimal phenolic ripeness.


    Beautiful, bright ruby red color. The nose is expressive, with aromas of ripe blackberry, sour cherry, myrtle, black and pink pepper combined with the typical savoury notes of Carmenère such as grilled eggplant, tomato, red and green bell pepper and green olive. The palate offers round and ripe tannins with great structure and good balance.

  • Vintage 2017

    • Carmenère 100%

    This season was marked by the high temperatures that set in rather early and forced us to harvest some 20 days early compared to the previous year. The winter was not very rainy (300 mm, approximately), considering that precipitation in a normal year hovers around 600 mm. The spring was rather hot, with a peak temperature of 30ºC, which is quite unusual. The high temperatures continued all along the summer, which is normal, however, the nights were unusually hot. Interestingly, this year we had 330 hours with temperatures higher than 30ºC compared to 164 the year before.
    The harvest started on March 22 and ended on April 20.


    Beautiful bright ruby colour. The nose reveals aromas of cherry, blackberry, and blueberry. Notes of black pepper, ripe red bell pepper, black olive, paprika, smoked chili powder, thyme, and bay leaf can be discerned in this Carmenère. The palate offers loads of chocolate truffles, roasted chestnuts and cherry liqueur. The tannin is forward and persistent. Unmistakably a Carmenère.
    Serving temperature : 15 to 17 °C

  • Vintage 2016

    • 100 % Carmenère

    This year was particularly normal in terms of conditions. A rainy winter was followed by a spring that brought warm days, with average temperatures of 33ºC, and cold nights. The summer months proved ideal for this grape variety, with very high temperatures of up to 39°C which, combined with good canopy and water stress management, helped the grapes to develop the harmonious, elegant tannins for which the variety is renowned.


    This bright ruby-colored Carmenère has an intense, rich, fruit-scented nose of cherries, redcurrants, and plums with hints of black and pink pepper, red bell pepper, green olives and cinnamon. The palate offers generous notes of cocoa and cherry liqueur, accompanied by copious, lingering tannins. A remarkably fine expression of the Carmenère grape.

  • Vintage 2015

    • 100% Carménère

    The weather during this vintage corresponded to the usual conditions for the region. After a rainy winter, the spring was characterized by warm days (33°C) and cool nights. The summer months were also rather hot with temperatures sometimes reaching 39°C in January and February. These conditions, combined with effective management of the vegetation and some water stress, helped to produce grapes with elegant, harmonious tannins, characteristic of this grape variety.

    TASTING NOTES (at bottling)

    Beautiful, intense ruby red colour. The nose opens with notes of red fruit such as cherries, blackberries, pomegranates and plums, followed by aromas of black pepper, red pepper, black olives, grilled vegetables, cinnamon, cedar and smoked chilli pepper. On the palate, notes of bitter chocolate and cherry liqueur emerge. The tannins are supple and pleasant, revealing good persistence. A wine that expresses all the characteristics of the grape and the terroir.

  • Vintage 2014

    • 100% Carmenère

    Climate conditions were most unusual in 2014. Spring frosts resulted in fewer bunches, which in turn translated into higher grape quality and superb concentration, as it could be observed at harvest time. The unusual conditions and the extensive work conducted at the vineyard, including early leaf plucking and thorough irrigation control to monitor water stress resulted in elegant fruit of the highest quality.

    TASTING NOTES (at bottling):

    Deep, intense ruby red. Fruit aromas like cherry, blackberry and ripe plum on a background of roasted hazelnuts, black pepper, ripe red bell pepper, puréed black olives, and roasted eggplant.
    Notes of dark chocolate, cherry liqueur, and black olive on the palate that harmonically combine with forward, elegant and persistent tannins.
    As a whole, an amazing communion of fruit and spices that helps the wine express its personality and typicity to the fullest.

  • Vintage 2013

    • 100% Carmenère

    The highlight of this season was the very hot summer, particularly January, February, and March. Temperatures dropped in April and May, which delayed the Carmenère harvest by a week compared to the previous season. Furthermore, the annual rainfall increased by 123 mm compared to 2012, mostly due to unusually high rainfall of 76.3 mm in December. Strict control of the automatic irrigation system and rigorous canopy management helped to produce grapes of outstanding quality that faithfully express this variety’s unique characteristics.


    Deep, intense ruby red color. Expressive nose with red fruit such as ripe black cherries and blackberries, combined with hints of candied fruit, black pepper, ripe green pepper, artichoke hearts, and eggplant antipasto, which enhance the unparalleled character and typicity of this Carmenère.
    Consistent with the nose, the palate features notes of bitter chocolate, cherry liqueur, and fresh blueberries that accompany the elegant tannins, adding complexity to the mouthfeel, and turning this wine ino a truly enlightening experience.

  • Vintage 2012

    • 100% Carmenère

    2012 was characterized by unusual weather conditions with 409 mm of rain, corresponding to barely 58% of the normal annual average. However, these conditions helped to control the natural vigour of the Carmenère vines.

    The technical team analysed the various operations likely to strengthen the grape variety’s true identity. In particular, leaf removal and management of water stress helped to achieve satisfactory ripeness and pleasingly fresh fruit.

    The harvest took place between 26 April and 10 May, Carmenère being a late-ripening variety.

    Tasting notes (at bottling)

    Beautiful purple crimson colour.
    The grape variety’s characteristics are reflected in the expression of fruit such as cherries, blackberries and plums. The nose offers notes of black pepper and bay, with hints of coffee, bitter chocolate, mint and nutmeg. On the palate, the attack is gentle, deep, balanced and seductive.
    This wine reveals the full potential of the Carmenère grape.
    Enjoy with cheese, pasta or meat.