Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon is the classic grape of  Los Vascos’ vineyard and is the variety on which the estate has built its reputation. The common feature of all the vintages is ripe fruit, fresh aromas, and a supple, full-bodied structure. This wine has a sparkling ruby red colour and a pleasantly fruity nose with aromas of black cherries, raspberries and plums, all with a hint of spice. This is a silky, flavourful wine, with a supple tannin structure. A great classic.

Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon Colchagua


  • Vintage 2019

    • Cabernet sauvignon 100%

    The start of the 2019 season was about 50% less rainy than usual (with 332 mm of rainfall), for which we were able to compensate with our irrigation system. There were no frosts in the spring, or heavy rainy rain, and temperatures did not exceed 28°C; thanks to these exceptional conditions, the vines remained healthy.
    The summer was hot, with unusually high temperatures of up to 40°C at the end of January, enabling the grapes to gain in concentration.


    Bright, lively, ruby red colour.
    Intense, complex nose characterized by fruity notes of cherries, strawberries and plums, harmoniously blended with scents of clove and nutmeg. Full-bodied on the palate with fresh, soft, persistent tannins, combined with a pleasant acidity, producing an easy-to-drink wine, to share on special occasions or enjoy on a daily basis.

    A vintage that brings out the potential of this grape variety.

  • Vintage 2018

    • 100 % Cabernet Sauvignon

    This season was marked by a slow ripening cycle that resulted in a harvest that was longer and later than usual. The temperatures abit cooler than usual, particularly in summer, allowed for a slow and steady ripening of the grapes.

    And the summer remaining dry well into the season, allowed us to wait until grapes had reached their full phenolic maturity before harvesting each plot separately.


    Deep and intense ruby color. The nose exhibits aromas of red fruit like plum and cherry, laced with notes of ripe strawberries, nutmeg, cocoa, thyme, and black pepper. On the palate the wines features ripe tannins and good structure, with a nice concentration and persistence.

  • Vintage 2017

    • 100 % Cabernet Sauvignon

    The high temperatures that started very early in the season were the highlight of this vintage. In summer, not only the days were hot, night-time temperatures were also fairly high. Compared to the previous vintage, this season had 330 hours above 30º C versus 164 hours in 2016.
    The harvest of the cabernet sauvignon began on April 5th and extended until May 17th.

    Deep and intense ruby red color. The nose features aromas of red fruit like plum, raspberry and cherry with savoury notes as well as tobacco, toasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate and tapenade.
    The mouth is dominated by the presence of young, lively tannins. Good concentration, nice structure and a persistent finish of great personality.

  • Vintage 2016

    • 100 % Cabernet Sauvignon

    The 2016 season started with normal winter conditions and rains concentrated in July that did not cause any problems in our vineyards. Spring arrived with high temperatures, exceeding 35ºC, and low minimum temperatures, but without any frosts that could have affected the normal growth of the vines. Summer temperatures were high, with peaks of up to 37.9ºC in January, but gradually dropped below 30ºC in March. The only potential problem was the rain that fell during the harvest; however, careful organization and our team’s quick reactions resulted in excellent quality grapes with a refined, elegant character.


    Ruby red color, plum and cherry-scented nose with hints of caramel, chocolate, tobacco and black olives. Well-structured mouthfeel, good volume, pleasant tannins; a wine with a forward personality

  • Vintage 2015

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    2015 was marked by unusual climate conditions during bud break and rain that was concentrated mostly in September (the average rainfall amounted to 110 mm). Although such conditions led to a late bud break, our team managed to offset the delay by altering the irrigation regime. Efficient vineyard management and an absence of extreme temperatures (with a peak between 30º and 32ºC) resulted in a normal harvest.

    TASTING NOTES (at bottling):

    Intense ruby red color. The nose is rich in fruit aromas, offering fresh plums, cherries, and ripe raspberries followed by pleasant blackcurrant notes. Fruit aromas mingle harmoniously with hints of licorice and white pepper. The palate is fresh and juicy, with remarkably well-balanced acidity, alcohol, and tannins. A wine with a delightfully captivating personality.

  • Vintage 2014

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    During the spring, low temperatures averaged 7.9°C while on some days they peaked at 33°C, creating the right conditions for an early, relatively short harvest. On April 19, with the harvest almost completed, there was 13.8 mm of rain, but this did not have a serious effect on the grapes.


    Deep ruby red colour. The nose presents aromas of black cherries and blackcurrants combined with liquorice, pink peppercorns, paprika and bay leaf. Good volume and structure in the mouth. A wine with great personality, and mellow, well-integrated tannins.

  • Vintage 2013

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    Budding began early in the season, two weeks in advance: August 22 compared to September 5 the previous year. Weather conditions were favorable at the beginning of the season though, with good temperatures and no frost.

    The lack of rain required a change of irrigation strategy. There was rain in December and the water stress was managed by drip irrigation.

    The 2013 harvest started almost three weeks later compared to previous years. The summer with temperatures below the normal average completely disrupted the picking schedule. The berries were well-ripened with excellent balance, soft tannins, expressive fruit, freshness, and excellent acidity combined with moderate alcohol content. The Cabernet Sauvignon was picked between April 11th and May 15th, 2013.

    Tasting notes (at bottling):

    This wine has a lively ruby red color. The nose presents fresh red fruit reminiscent of plums, strawberries and cherries complemented by subtle herb notes that reflect the character of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, the diversity of the terroir and give this 2013 vintage a special appeal.

    In the mouth it has volume and shows plenty of character with young, tasty ripe tannins, which offer a naturally balanced acidity promising a good evolution. This is a wine ready to drink now or will be equally delightful if kept for a few years.

  • Vintage 2012

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    The year was characterized by a shortage of rain (533 mm, or 58% of the normal average rainfall). Irrigation was therefore necessary at the end of the winter in order to compensate for these conditions. The season then continued with optimal weather, irrigation was maintained in the usual proportions and the moderate temperatures, which were in line with seasonal averages, favoured concentration and expression of the fruit during the ripening period.
    The harvests took place in excellent weather, between 30 March and 31 May. The property has a range of soil types and conditions, with the result that different plots are ready for harvesting at different times.

    Tasting notes (at bottling)

    Beautiful ruby red colour. The nose opens with intense notes of fresh red fruit, such as cherries and strawberries, lightly underscored with aromas of thyme, bay and mint. Superb volume on the palate, with soft yet well-defined tannins. A wine with a fine balance of fruit.

  • Vintage 2011

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    The viticultural year was once again characterized by very dry climatic conditions, but not as severe as 2010 ( 409 mm of rain were registered). Advanced techniques ensured very efficient irrigation of the vineyard, and the vines were able to fully express themselves.
    Due to a cold spring, yields were lower than usual, comparable with 2010 levels. This resulted in smaller bunches and smaller grapes, which in turn translated into excellent concentration and remarkable quality.

    Although the harvest started a week later than in 2010, the entire process was conducted under optimal weather conditions, with healthy grapes with intense colours.

    Tasting notes (at bottling)

    Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 has a beautiful ruby red colour, a fresh, fruity nose, with notes of strawberry and raspberry that blend smoothly with notes of black pepper, nutmeg, and bay leaf. The mouth is juicy, full-bodied and persistent. A wine that shows great personality.

  • Vintage 2010

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    There was a very dry period during the winter months (463 mm of rain compared to 726 mm the previous year), but carefully planned, controlled irrigation ensured a normal growth cycle.
    Low temperatures in the spring during flowering resulted in some flower abortion, and thus slightly less generous bunches of grapes. Production was reduced by 15% compared to the annual average (8.5 tons/ha vs. 10 tons/ha) but this resulted in greater concentration and remarkably well-balanced grapes.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Bright ruby red colour. Remarkably expressive, fruity nose: aromas of blueberries, cherries, blackcurrants and raspberries blending perfectly with notes of pink pepper, paprika, curry and saffron.
    Velvety, full-bodied and seductive in the mouth with mild acidity and gentle tannins giving very pleasant mouthfeel.

  • Vintage 2009

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    The 2009 vintage was characterised by optimal weather conditions for plant metabolism both in terms of temperature variation and soil moisture.
    Rainfall was concentrated in the autumn and winter, and was close to the average for the valley.
    The spring began warm which made for good budding and controlled vigour in the vines’ growth.
    Temperature variations resulted in good colour, intense fruit aromas and high quality tannins.
    Irrigation was managed on the basis of moderate water restriction, for optimal photosynthesis. An appropriate number of bunches on the vines also contributed to an excellent degree of ripeness.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    This wine has a deep, bright ruby red colour. The nose is intense, with a remarkable fruit: cherries, blueberries, raspberries and plums generously share their role with notes of bay leaf, cloves and nutmeg.
    The palate is consistent, with a solid structure, but accessible and pleasant. The attractive combination of gentle, soft tannins with delicate acidity results in a charming wine with good length and mouthfeel.

  • Vintage 2008

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    At Los Vascos, the main features of the 2008 vintage were exceptional weather conditions that produced excellent quality fruit. With less than normal rainfall, the budding in spring was late but homogeneous. High summer temperatures increased the rate of evapotranspiration, producing smaller berries and bunches, which resulted in a better skin to pulp ratio, thereby conveying better colour and concentration to the wine.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Brilliant red ruby colour.
    Very fruity nose with aromas of black cherries, blackberries and plums. Notes of redcurrant jam, candied fruit and white chocolate. Hints of spice (black pepper, nutmeg, bay leaves and cloves).
    A delicious, silky wine with gentle, round tannins.
    Good volume on the palate, well-structured and balanced. Classic excellence.


  • Vintage 2007

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    There were very favourable climatic conditions at Los Vascos in 2007. The lack of rain during the ripening period and “normal” heat from the beginning of flowering allowed the development of good quality grapes.

    In January and February, temperatures were high but not excessive. As a result canopy management was modified and produced very good results.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Brilliant red ruby colour. Very fruity nose with aromas of blackberries, cherries, raspberries and plums. Notes of redcurrant jam, candied fruit, red fruit syrup and white chocolate with hints of spice (black pepper, nutmeg, bay leaves, mint and cloves) and lovely freshness.
    A delicious, silky wine with powerful, elegant tannins. Complex and well-balanced.


  • Vintage 2006

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    2006 was a late but uniform, good quality vintage at Los Vascos, whereas it was rather difficult and uneven in Chile generally. After a cold, wet spring, the summer was better, despite record temperatures. The grapes adapted well to these changing conditions and evolved in a remarkable manner until the harvests. 

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Ruby colour of medium intensity. The nose is very fruity with aromas of strawberry, blackcurrant, cherries and pleasant spices. At the finish, one finds the Chilean character with hints of bay leaves and eucalyptus. It is fresh in the mouth, light, very fruity and balanced with good persistent tannins well blended into the wine.

  • Vintage 2005

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    A rainy spring permitted considerable reduction in irrigation during the summer. It looked like this vintage was going to be affected by excessive summer heat, which temporarily delayed the grapes’ development and even resulted in the dehydration of bunches. Happily, cool, cloudy weather predominated during the harvest.


    tasting notes (at bottling)

    A beautiful ruby colour of medium intensity. The nose exudes ripe aromas of strawberry and black cherry accompanied by a pleasant hint of jam and chocolate. In the mouth, it is fresh, gentle, consistent and very fruity with a slightly spicy finish. This is a wine of medium structure, well-balanced, with ripe discreet tannins which make it easily accessible.


  • Vintage 2004

    • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    A good year in terms of weather conditions. Although moderate rainfall during the winter and spring produced good fruit concentration, temperatures from December through March were rather high. These conditions resulted in high sugar content in the grapes. The ripening period brought favourable weather with a dry summer.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Intense ruby red colour with a nose of red fruit, with notes of strawberry and cherry and aromas of chocolate and bay. On the palate, there is good, supple balance and lots of flavour with highly concentrated fruit and spices. A powerful Cabernet Sauvignon with good length.