Hu Yue

Qiu Shan Valley, Chine

At the foothills of Long Dai, discover Hu Yue, the second wine we grow in the Qiu Shan Valley. Hidden in the vines, this majestic hill carries the strength of the tiger and the subtle beauty of the amber, just like the blend of grapes we produce in our vineyards.


Hu Yue Qiu Shan Valley, Chine


  • Vintage 2019

    • Cabernet sauvignon 57%,
    • Marselan 17%,
    • Syrah 15%,
    • Cabernet franc 11%

    The 2019 vintage can be considered as an especially hot and dry vintage in the Shandong province, with a great richness in the wines. The season started with very low water reserves in the soil due to the dry Shandong winter, but some rainfalls in April and May allowed the vine to build its canopy. The flowering period in June was sunny, allowing a good fruit set and therefore, a good number of bunches per vine. The particularly dry summer period demanded efforts to the vineyard team to bring water to the plants in order to ensure maturation. Veraison happened early, starting in the end of July for the Merlot and ending with the Cabernet Sauvignon in the first week of August. The harvest started right after the launch of our first 2017 vintage, and was quite dense, meaning that the maturities all came up in a restricted period of time. The team meticulously followed the maturations with an intra-plot selection for a harvest at the optimum maturity according to technological and phenological parameters. The Syrah was first harvested on the 21st of September, and the last Cabernet Sauvignon was harvested on the 18th of October.


    Hu Yue is defined by aromas of red fruits such as red currant and cherry, followed by spicy notes of licorice and white pepper revealing a complex and yet refined nose. The attack is fresh, with a balanced structure and an enveloping mouthfeel. The length, supported by silky tannins, is distinguished by light notes of cocoa, perfectly underlining the harmony of this wine.

  • Vintage 2018

    • Cabernet Sauvignon 65%, Cabernet franc 13%, Syrah 13%, Marselan 5%, Merlot 4%

    This vintage will likely become a reference vintage in the province of Shandong with an optimal maturation of the grapes with nice balance found in the wines. The season began with spring conditions conducive to the development of our vines with alternating rainy episodes and sunny periods. The flowering conditions from June 1 to 4 were very favourable for fruit set and allowed for a good output of bunches on all of our grape varieties. August was marked by a period of intense drought, thanks to which veraison was uniform and qualitative, favouring excellent conditions for the end of the season. The harvest then took place under the sign of a very fine late season resulting in exceptional harvest quality. A meticulous work of zoning the plots according to the balance of maturity for each terrace is carried out each year to select the optimum harvest date per terroir. We were thus able to start the harvest with our first plots of Merlot on September 12 and
    finished with Cabernet Sauvignon from October 5 to 13.


    Hu Yue is marked by aromas of black fruits such as blackberry and blackcurrant, followed by a spicy signature evoking black pepper and thus giving this wine a generous and powerful nose. The attack remains fresh, then giving way to roundness and power in the mouth. The length, supported by fine-grained tannins, is distinguished by sweet spice notes reminiscent of liquorice and white pepper. After aeration, we discover light notes of roasting, perfectly complementing the balance of this wine.