The 2004 vintage almost kept us waiting!

Once again, nature was capricious. The traditional setting of the harvest date based on 45 days after “veraison”, represented 55 to 63 days this year… but this does not matter as the main thing is to have grapes which are harvested when they have reached an optimum ripening level. Winter was mild and dry followed by June and July, which were very dry. Compared to last year, August was not as hot, and the rainfall was higher than usual. Miraculously, September was beautiful and not too hot, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly and increase the sugar level. It was necessary to control the yield this year by carrying out various operations in the vines.

The harvest went well, with very active days along with periods when the harvests were put on hold. At Lafite, the harvest began on September 24… stopped on the 25th and started again a few days later! It was the same situation for l’Evangile and Rieussec. The vinification went smoothly, and shows signs of well balanced wines to follow.