Domaine d'Aussières: 2015 harvest report



Like every year, the Languedoc was subject to major climatic disparities. While the north of the region saw heavy rains at the end of summer, the Narbonne region further south remained completely free from precipitation during the same period.

At Aussières, the climate for this vintage allowed us to take care of the entire growth cycle under ideal conditions, from bud burst through flowering and up to ripeness.

This constant support from the weather made it possible to achieve optimal maturity on all our plots to give the best aromatic expression and perfect balance on all our varieties: from early Chardonnay to the latest-ripening Mourvèdre or Cabernet Sauvignon.

The locally heavy rains in November 2014 allowed for collection of important water reserves in the sub-soils and the water table. These reserves, built up to their maximum capacity, took care of the water supply throughout the 2015 vintage. The mild late autumn accompanied the passage into dormancy (vegetative rest during winter) and ensured reserves of good quality.

Winter, rather mild overall, ended with a quite cold February. By March, the time of bud burst, the vineyard was showing a significant delay of almost fifteen days.

The return to spring temperatures as well as the good rainfall in spring 2015 brought ideal conditions of development during a key period of the vine cycle.

The very hot months of May, June and July fully compensated for the late growth seen at the end of winter, and véraison was only one day later than average.

Throughout the harvest the region bathed in almost perfect weather with cool nights and hot days, bringing all our grape varieties to optimal ripeness. Picking began on 3 September for the Chardonnay (compared with 1 September in 2014) and finished on 2 October with the Mourvèdre (identical to 2014).

In the cellar, tasting of the different grape varieties during fermentation confirms the very good quality of the vintage at every level, allowing us to predict very good potential for the wines.




Corbières, the southern varieties show very good potential

In our most shallow soils, having suffered the water stress necessary to allow them to express their best potential, the southern grape varieties show high levels of quality.
Slightly affected in terms of quantity by the warm winds at the end of September, the Mourvèdre, the latest-ripening and most capricious variety in the Corbières appellation, has confirmed its potential to go towards producing great wines.

IGP Oc, wines rich in quantity and in quality

Our deepest terroirs, with more important water reserves, planted with Bordeaux and Burgundy grape varieties, have found their full expression this vintage.
On tasting, the very good balance, the freshness, especially for Chardonnay, and above all the richness of the wines give us the assurance that we can obtain all the necessary and typical characteristics of the greatest vintages of Aussières.

The vintage report was prepared by Aymeric Izard, Director of the Aussières site, and Eric Kohler, Technical Director of the group’s international estates.

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