DBR (Lafite) wishes you a Happy New Year!

Years ending in 9 are considered lucky in Bordeaux and 2009 has confirmed this reputation. The climate was close to perfection, dry but with just enough rain at the right moment. It was sunny in the day time but nights were cool and brought the grapes slowly to ripeness. Starting on 23rd of September, we picked with no haste, waiting for the moment when each cépage would reach perfect ripeness. Beautiful quality but short on quantity, the skill of the wine maker must now bring out the best from this celestial manna.

In the Languedoc, at Domaine d’Aussières, the winter was wet but a beautiful summer ripened the grapes. The harvest will most certainly allow us to make great wines, in the earthy, robust style of this promising property.

In Chile, the weather was more temperate than usual. We brought in very ripe grapes without too strong alcoholic degree which yielded particularly drinkable wines.

In Argentina, the hot summer was good for the Malbecs but less so for the Cabernets Sauvignons whose maturation was blocked by the heavy heat. It will be a year where Malbecs will predominate and the wines will remind one of a great Argentine tango!

Baron Eric de Rothschild

(Photo from the greeting card for 2010 by Béatrice Caracciolo – In memoriam of the great cedar of Lafite uprooted 10 years ago during the storm on the New year’s eve. Saskia de Rothschild sleeping in its shadow.)