DBR joins
social networks in China

DBR (Lafite) officially began its microblog at the end May 2012 on Weibo, the main social network in China that has more than 300 million users. The launch of the microblog, “The Voyage of DBR (Lafite)” is the result of an in-depth collaboration between DBR and its exclusive distributor in China, ASC Fine Wines.

A press conference was held for the launch, in Shanghai and then in Beijing, on 24 and 25 May, attended by Michel Négrier, Export Director and John-Luc Vincent, Strategy and Development Director, who presented the DBR (Lafite) group and answered questions from journalists.

French wine, wine culture in general and the DBR (Lafite) range in particular are the subject of considerable interest and generate numerous questions from wine consumers and enthusiasts. “The voyage of DBR (Lafite)” serves as a link with the official site,, offering a more direct, interactive style of communication to present the spirit of the group, and its culture and history. 

We therefore invite all Chinese speakers to follow the itinerary of the DBR (Lafite) Journey on Weibo.