CROMAS - Color is the language of nature

Los Vascos is proud to present its new range of Cromas wines, the pure expression of our Colchagua terroir.

30 years ago, Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) fell in love with a vineyard nestled in the heart of the Colchagua Valley and started to write the Los Vascos story.

Over the years, Los Vascos has defined its own approach to winemaking combining Chilean traditions with the DBR (Lafite) knowhow, and never following trends. Its secret lies in an ideal microclimate with plenty of sun, water, semi-arid soil, thanks to the high Andes mountains that act as a backdrop to our vineyards.

Combined with cool nights refreshed by the ocean breeze, our location offers the perfect conditions to produce exceptional wines. Amidst these more than 1000 hectares of nature, we created our own ecosystem, our own set of rules to cultivate Independence and in 2019, we were happy to celebrate our 30th anniversary with the Los Vascos and Rothschild family.

Today, DBR (Lafite) and the Los Vascos teams are proud to present a new chapter in the Los Vascos story: the birth of CROMAS.

« Ten years ago, the Los Vascos teams found and planted new terroirs on the slopes of the estate. It opened a universe of microclimates with different exposures, soil types with its own colors and textures » said Philippe Rolet, Technical Director of Vina Los Vascos. « That is what inspired us to create the CROMAS wines.» The idea of the name actually came from inside the Los Vascos team, from Maximiliano Correa, our winemaker.

The name CROMAS is derived from the Greek word for colour. It is by looking at the colors in nature that one can interpret its messages, may it be vine cycles or soil types. The observation and knowledge of these messages is key for the Los Vascos people in the art of vine growing and winemaking. « Every tone, every shade, every nuance is a message from nature. As cultivators, years of caring observation have taught us to read the powerful signs nature sends us, to guide our action and our daily choices, » explained Philippe Rolet.

Year after year our team earned experience of growing grapes on the colored slopes of granitic soils of Los Vascos (notably the sector of the vineyard called Santa Lucia) to produce wines of incomparable precision and elegance.

Fruit of those new terroirs, CROMAS Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Reserva and CROMAS Carmenère Gran Reserva replace Los Vascos Grande Réserve and Carmenère Grande Réserve. Each CROMAS wine has its own color, painted on the label, that tells the story of the wine in the bottle. Aged for 12 months in barrels, the wines reflect the specificities of the Chilean terroirs and the knowhow of the team.

To accompany this change in the market, these new bottles with their labels will have neck tags placed on them to explain to consumers the change between the old and the new range. The current range will soon be completed by two new wines, with each its unique message corresponding to a specific expression of a Chilean terroir and spirit.