Château Lafite Rothschild partners with French classical musician Thibault Cauvin

Château Lafite Rothschild and classical music have always been an inevitable combination.
Each year since its construction by the architect Ricardo Bofill, the cellar at the Château has welcomed many talented musicians, like those of the Estivales de musique en Médoc or the winners of the Bordeaux String Quartet Competition.The acoustics of this unique place charm both performers and audiences, who like the affinity between art, the senses and life. 
This year Thibault Cauvin has done us the honour of recording his new album surrounded by the barrels containing our Grand Vin. 
A young guitarist originally from Bordeaux, Thibault Cauvin is in the process of establishing himself as one of the great talents in classical music. Only 30 years old, he is the classical musician who has received the highest number of awards in the world, winner of 13 international grand prizes, and has already given more than 1000 concerts in nearly 130 countries




This new CD featuring the music of Isaac Albéniz promises to be an immense success, like the previous “Danse avec Scarlatti”, which for more than 3 months in 2013 was rated among the best-selling classical releases. The album, distributed by Sony Music, comes out on 10 November 2014, and a concert will take place in January 2015 in the circular cellar at Lafite, organized by the vibrant Association Estivales de Musique en Médoc.

His music shone in the magical environment of the Lafite cellar and will contribute, we are sure, to the ageing of a great vintage of Lafite!


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