"A view of Lafite", Errol Rainey's movie

Lafite had the great honour to collaborate with the renowed artist, photographer and filmaker, Mr Errol Rainey.

Born in Sydney, Errol moved to London when he was 17. He worked for some of the world leading fashion Photographers and began directing fashion films and music videos.

Errol is regarded today as one of the most talended filmakers. He shows a very distinctive style who has enchanted a large number of brands and prominent personalities.

At Lafite, the ton given to the images is both original and accurate. Errol Rainey offers a very touching view of Lafite during the harvest period in his movie, « A view of Lafite».


Inspired by previous photographers such as Martine Frank, Richard Kalvar and Francois-Marie Banier who have previously graced the soils of Chateau Lafite, Errol Rainey set out to make a moving image piece aimed at capturing the quintessence of the Chateau.

The combination of the laughter and the love shared between the full time staff and part time employees, whom come in for the vendange, along with the skill and the craftsmanship that goes into being involved with viniculture.

Rather than a step by step guide, Errol wanted to capture an emotion, a side of Chateau Lafite that is strongly portrayed in the ever growing photo series by some of the worlds most iconic photographers.


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