A superb vintage in South America

In Chile, following a cold dry winter, the summer was very hot – 75 days above 30°C (compared to 49 in 2007!) – but luckily without excessive temperatures. At harvest time, the moderate weather with significant differences in temperature between night and day resulted in perfectly ripe tannins and spectacular fruit in the wines. The whites were harvested from 8th March to 21st April due to the different geographical origins (Colchagua, Casablanca & Leyda). For the reds, on the other hand, the harvest was the shortest in 10 years at Los Vascos with very homogenous ripeness – the Cabernets were picked from 26th March to 23rd April and the Carmenères, usually late to ripen, were picked immediately after, on 24th April. Both quantity and quality were in evidence. The wines have lots of colour and are concentrated, full of fruit and extraordinarily supple. Certainly one of the best vintages from Los Vascos for DBR’s 20th anniversary in Chile!

In Argentina, inclement weather gave the winemakers some headaches: a cold spell on flowering in November, hail storms at the beginning of March, abnormally high levels of rain in summer and, after the Malbecs had been harvested in sunny weather from 26th March to 11th April, a cold spell which meant the Cabernets had to be picked quickly (from 15th to 26th April). Luckily, most of the Caro vineyards are equipped with anti-hail nets and they are spread around Mendoza on different terroirs which were more or less affected. The yields were lower but the selection and sorting of the grapes resulted in very good quality in the vats. The blend is dominated by Malbec. The wines are elegant, with good refined tannins.