2022, a new year begins

Happy New Year to all! Let us look forward to 2022 as a new fresh start after this year of struggle.

2021, a difficult vintage, where even the oldest struggle to remember such efforts. A year of battle against an unpredictable weather. First the frost that arrived without warning and then the rain that never wanted to stop. In spring, the sun shines on the hibernating vine. The flowering starts under pleasant conditions and lets us hope for nice summer months, when the rain comes again, even more perilous. The fight was not over yet.

For a few weeks, the sky became milder and allowed the berries to slowly change, but the return of the rain precipitated the harvest in Bordeaux.

2021, a vintage that we will cherish forever, reminding us how much courage, dedication and hard work was required. The road has been perilous and arduous, but in the end we have been victorious: wines of great character and promise are slowly revealing themselves in the cellars. Finally, wines full of life, dynamism, and beautiful stories, like all those who have known adversity. The best is yet to come.

For 2022, we again wish you ever-more inquisitiveness, coming closer to others to build sustainable solutions together, taking more than ever into account the protection of our natural ecosystems and our beloved planet.