2016, a much awaited vintage

« An hourglass has been etched onto our 2016 bottles symbolizing a vintage that played hide and seek with us until the last moment. The kind you wait for, as the long summer days and the harvest go by, no one daring to breathe yet. January arrived : our doubts started to vanish. This year will be a good one. 
Today, do we still have to wait to be awed? Like a child who stares eagerly at an hourglass to announce the end of the game. Yes, let’s wait because we live for this waiting game. 

Irony of fate, the symmetry between the two halves of an hourglass represent the opposition between earth and sky. But for this year, earth and sky joined hands. So let’s wait. 2016 deserves it. »

Eric de Rothschild and Saskia de Rothschild