The 2008 harvests by Charles Chevallier

In Bordeaux, the growth cycle started early but was quickly interrupted when the new buds suffered from a spring frost. A warm period followed, that meant the crops could attain good maturity. From May, we knew that this would be a small vintage in terms of quantity, particularly with the white wines. In Sauternes, the weather conditions were good for the development of botrytis, and the first passes through the vineyard began on September 26 at Rieussec and continued, slowly and surely, until November 10. We waited patiently until the beginning of October before starting to take in the reds. 
This was a year when you had to be both vigilant and patient, but by the end of the maceration period, we were very happy with the expression that we found both of tannins and fruit, all underpinned by a refreshing acidity. Everything is in place for wines with real ageing potential. 


Charles Chevallier, Technical Director for the Bordeaux Châteaus