20 sur Vins Match 2008 France vs England at Lafite

The Ecole Normale Supérieure (University level teacher training college) and ESSEC business school participated in the final at Château Lafite Rothschild on 6th June, having qualified out of nine teams from the Grandes Ecoles in April in Paris. Once again, the participation of teams from Oxford and Cambridge universities added some spice to the competition. After the first series of multiple choice questions, things were looking good forESSEC but, once again, the blind tasting was decisive, the Cambridge team being the best at this test. After the distribution of prizes, Baron Eric de Rothschild, Charles Chevallier and the members of theCommanderie du Bontemps invited all their guests to dinner in the cellars. The warm and friendly atmosphere of this annual meeting became even more heated when Baron Eric and Charles Chevallier started singing “drinking songs”, which were taken up with gusto by the students and professionals present. A wonderful wine evening which will long be remembered by our young elite!