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Issue 02
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 « Cultivate to pass on. At Lafite, this has been our family commitment for over 150 years. Today, more than ever in this era of climate upheaval, our businesses depend on the balance of nature, our terroir and our vines. The human being is merely the bearer of witness. There to protect.» – Saskia de Rothschild 

DBR Lafite joins the B Corp community

After more than two years of efforts, we are honored to announce that all of our estates (Châteaux Lafite Rothschild, Duhart-Milon, L’Evangile, Rieussec, Paradis Casseuil, Domaine d’Aussières, Vina Los Vascos, Bodegas CARO, Domaine de Long Dai) have been labeled as B Corp.

2023: Taking the Bull by the Horns 

In our Bordeaux vineyards, 2023 began with rain, and that was very reassuring! The legendary drought of 2022 was still on everyone’s minds, and the 500 millimeters of water we received between the end of the harvest and spring did our reserves a world of good.

‘Til the Cows Come Home

A ‘Regard sur Lafite’ from Photographer Charlotte Dumas

Body Of Work

Every year, local photographers from all over China focus their lens on Long Dai

Pleasure, Principled: rethinking the body of wine-writing

Interview with Sandrine Goeyvaerts, author of ‘Manifesto for Inclusive Wine’ (Nouriturfu, 2021)

The Glass is Always Greener

Wine bottles have become a recognisable uniform for what’s inside – region, grape variety, and more – but this wasn’t always the case. Château Lafite Rothschild’s Frederic Domingo takes us on a journey through the history of bottling.


The Bodies behind the Body

The weight-lifting phrase épaulé jeté, in English ‘clean and jerk’, or more literally in French, ‘shouldered-throw’, became immortalised in the oenological sense by the illustrator Michel Tolbert whose iconic posters for Catherine & Pierre Breton’s Bourgeiul and Chinon estate are now replicated in wine bars across the world.

Micro-Cosmic: The Hidden Universe Beneath Our Feet

Digging deep to meet our vineyard’s smallest and most powerful allies.

Race Day: The Châteaux Triathlon

Unity – and fierce competition – between the Domaines

The French teams at Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite embody the family spirit – in blood, sweat and tears. We’ve brought you some snippets, from an extraordinary day at Lafite.


The journey of a Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite barrel, from tree to Tonnellerie

Body Language: The Art of Tango at Bodegas CARO

Join us for an in-depth conversation with artists and choreographers Marta Morel and Gonzalo Cano, our inimitable Tango duo.


In each issue’s ‘assemblage’ section, we compose a blend of shorter snippets relating to the theme.

The Beautiful Game

A football fairytale from the heart of the Colchagua Valley.

Château Rieussec is breaking the Sauternes mould

Rieussec is flipping the script on everything you thought you knew about Sauternes. Here, four easy pairings – no foie gras or roquefort in sight.

Not a fan of Sauternes? Maybe you’ve written off this sweet classic as the culprit behind your holiday hangover… or , just an obligatory pairing with foie gras, Roquefort or dessert. Think again.

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