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Breathe Deep: Rituals of a Cellar Master

In search of lost rituals. Once de rigueur, some winemaking techniques have given way to newer practices. Today, innovation is not without tradition.

Gone With the Winds


New Issue, new ‘assemblage’ - this time, a bit more airborne. Winds can turn rain to sun. But do they also have an impact on wine? From the Tramontane to the typhoon, let’s meet those who blow over and across our estates.

Decanting or recorking?

How to aerate a wine, with Frédéric Domingo

It’s a Family (Aff)air

Domaine William Fèvre and the Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite: the union between two properties who face similar challenges and share complementary philosphies.

A breathtaking wine list

We’ve travelled across our estates to curate a list of the finest vintages to uncork in 2024.

Take a breath: how winemakers unwind

Those who thrive in vineyards understand the importance of hitting pause. From playing Mahjong to taking a refreshing dip in Lake Hourtin, let’s explore how our vineyard workers find their moments of peace.

Crustaceans, Shellfish, and Crêpes Soufflées


Our aim? To provide you with ideas on how to combine and enhance the world of aromas and flavours.

Careers: change is in the air

We’re sitting down with four people who have followed the winds of change through their career at Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite.

Duhart-Milon: the winds of history

How did a Louis XV privateer come to give his name to one of Pauillac's greatest wines? Historian Laurent Chavier discovers an answer in the Lafite archives.

Breathing fresh air into a business

With Camila Garcia, B Lab France’s co-president

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