Malbec Argentina


Sheltered from the rain by the mountains to the West and the Pampa to the East, the region is very arid. Mendoza wines draw their character from an exceptional sun exposure and wide temperature variations between night and day. Malbec Argentina expresses the intense darkness of the Andean nights and the depth of colour that characterises the robe of the Malbec.

Malbec Argentina Mendoza


  • Vintage 2017

    • Malbec 100%

    The 2017 vintage was characterized by slightly above average rainfall (188 mm instead of 102 mm), especially during bud break, and temperatures close to seasonal averages, with the exception of the frost that caused some damage to the vines on October 21. Towards the end of the summer, the nights during February were up to 4 degrees warmer than usual. This phenomenon and a generally dry quarter had an accelerating effect and the harvests were two to three weeks early. The grapes are characterized by a good balance between sugar and acidity and by the softness of the tannins characteristic of Malbec.


    The robe is deep red with hints of violet. The nose reveals aromas of plum and red fruit. The palate is fresh and elegant, with remarkable balance between tannins, acidity and alcohol. Long, delicate finish. Overall, a very convivial, attractive wine. Serve at 15-17°C