CARO, from CAtena and ROthschild, has a strong Argentine identity, characterized by the Malbec grape, which is given further elegance and complexity through blending with Cabernet Sauvignon. The combination produces a voluptuous, refined wine with a harmonious balance between the wine’s Argentinian identity and its Bordeaux style.

CARO Mendoza


  • Vintage 2015

    • 85 % Malbec
    • 15 % Cabernet Sauvignon

    The early season was quite rainy leading to lower average temperatures and less sunshine.
    In the south of the Uco Valley, unusual frost affected part of the production by the beginning of December.
    Weather conditions in the First Zone followed a similar pattern: early and pleasant summer, moderate temperatures and intense rains in February and March that required plot by plot evaluation until the crop.
    Overall, yields were around 5% lower than for the 2014 harvest.

    TASTING NOTES (at bottling)

    Deep red color with intense ruby notes. The nose recalls eucalyptus and dried fruit aromas, blended with hints of plum, coffee and chocolate. Ageing in French oak barrels gives the wine subtle notes of dark chocolate. The wine evolves slowly in the glass, with several layers of flavors, and a unique mouthfeel of outstanding complexity.

  • Vintage 2014

    • 65 % Malbec
    • 35 % Cabernet Sauvignon

    In the First Zone, the growing cycle started with a late budbreak due to the low temperatures during September. January was characterized by high mean temperatures and no rain, which caused a reduction in berry size. The rainfall in February was the highest for 12 years. In the Uco Valley, the season showed a similar pattern to the First Zone. Fortunately, weather conditions during March and the first half of April were very good, but still wetter than usual. In spite of these climatic fluctuations in both zones, we obtained a superb harvest in terms of quality.


    Deep ruby red color. The nose recalls fruity aromas of plums, coffee and spices, followed by hints of anise and graphite. Its ageing in French oak barrels sourced by DBR (Lafite)’s Cooperage gives the wine subtle dark chocolate notes. It evolves slowly in the glass, revealing elegant fragrances layer after layer, and a unique mouthfeel of outstanding complexity.

  • Vintage 2013

    • 50% Malbec
    • 50% Cabernet Sauvignon

    The season was characterized by average rain in the First Zone: December and February were dry with almost no rain while January was very wet with 87 mm of rain.

    The Uco Valley region experienced a normal to dry season, with 38 mm less rain than the average (255 mm vs 293 mm). Winter and spring were wetter than usual, while the end of season was very dry, with no rain during February and March. Temperatures were within the normal range.


    Intense ruby color.
    The nose recalls red and black fruit aromas, mingled with hints of mocha and spices. It evolves slowly, revealing layer after layer of elegant fragrances.
    In the mouth, the acidity is refreshing and persistent. Well-balanced tannins contribute to the harmony and smoothness of the palate.
    We recommend serving this wine at 16°C. If there is enough time, do not decant the wine in order to appreciate its slow evolution over the course of an evening.
    This vintage presents a good capacity to age and will open up more over time.

  • Vintage 2012

    • 75 % Malbec
    • 25% Cabernet Sauvignon

    Average temperatures at the beginning of the growth cycle in September and October 2011 were 20°C, and with a little rain provided optimal conditions for the bud break and setting of the fruit. The unusual rainfall in December slightly delayed the start of the ripening period.

    By January 2012, temperatures had increased and there was a sharp contrast between the heat during the day and the historically cool nights. We recorded temperature differences between night and day of up to 15°C. These conditions enabled us to obtain fruit with an excellent aromatic range, and a high sugar content combined with the right degree of acidity.

    The end of the growth cycle saw the high temperatures persisting during the day and no rain. We were therefore able to obtain beautiful, fully ripened grapes, with superb concentration and intense colors.


    This wine has a dark, intense color, with hints of violet and ruby. A complex mix of aromas characterizes this unique blend, including raspberry, blackpepper, violets, cloves, graphite and subtle notes of dark chocolate.

    On the palate, the true essence of CARO can be appreciated with its refined, elegant tannins. Can be enjoyed now or aged for ten years.

  • Vintage 2010

    • 60% Malbec
    • 40% Cabernet Sauvignon

    Climatic conditions were rather cool in 2010. The vineyards were not disturbed by any major meteorological incidents. The season began with a cool frost-free spring that allowed good flowering. The summer was hot and stable, with the result that the grapes changed colour and began to ripen around the usual dates. From the start of ripening to the harvest, temperatures were cool and stable and the climate was generally dry. These conditions were ideal for the ripening of the Cabernet Sauvignon and preserved the characteristics of the Malbec (aromas of dried fruit, floral notes and an intense purple colour).

    The harvests started in early April with the Malbec in the Compuertas region. They finished with the Cabernet Sauvignon in Gualtallary on 28 April.

    Tasting notes (at bottling)

    Intense, deep red colour with fine hints of purple.
    The nose offers pleasant aromas of red and dark fruit, with redcurrants and blackcurrants, and then finishing with mint and cedar. The bouquet fills out with notes of vanilla, spices and mocha, characteristic of French oak.
    This is a dense, complex wine, with a good tannin structure, good length and full mid-palate. The lingering finesse of the tannins gives the wine good length and a pleasant, silky mouth feel.
    Deep aromatic and complex, with seductive, intense fruit. Needs more time to reach its peak.

  • Vintage 2009

    • 75% Malbec
    • 25% Cabernet Sauvignon

    Weather conditions were exceptionally good in 2009, with a particularly long, cool spring. After the start of ripening and throughout the summer, the weather remained stable and dry with constant, moderately hot temperatures.
    The harvest went very smoothly, all the conditions were right for the Malbec to ripen perfectly, resulting in delicious ripe fruit and dense colour.
    The Cabernet Sauvignon harvest was more complex to manage particularly for the plots likely to suffer from drought at the end of the harvests.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Intense, deep red colour with fine hints of crimson.
    The nose offers pleasant aromas of red and dark fruit, with redcurrants, also some mint and cedar. The bouquet fills out with notes of vanilla, spices and mocha, characteristic of French oak.
    This is a dense, complex wine, with a good tannin structure. The lingering finesse of the tannins gives the wine good length and a pleasant, soft mouthfeel. Deep, aromatic and complex with very appealing intense fruit. Has yet to reach its peak.

  • Vintage 2007

    • 60% Malbec
    • 40% Cabernet Sauvignon

    Weather conditions in the spring and summer of 2007 were ideal: warm but not too hot, producing exceptional fruit. Closer to the harvest season, there was some rain, but this did not pose a threat to the grapes, which had reached optimal ripeness.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Deep reddish purple colour.

    Intense nose of red and black ripe fruit (cherries and blackcurrants), with notes of spice bread, liqueur and vanilla.

    Well-rounded on the palate, with a fine, fairly powerful, elegant tannin structure and good length.
    This wine has  good potential to improve with age.


  • Vintage 2006

    • 50% Malbec
    • 50% Cabernet Sauvignon

    Weather conditions in spring and summer of 2006 were excellent. It was windy in the spring, which had a positive effect on the quality and health of the grapes.

    A hailstorm in December reduced the yield of Malbec in some areas.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Wonderful deep purple-red colour. Intense aromas of red and black fruit (cherries and blackcurrants) on the nose, with slightly minty, well-integrated notes of cedar, vanilla and tobacco. Full-bodied palate with a fine, fairly powerful tannin structure, and good length. A wine with great ageing potential.


  • Vintage 2005

    • 50% Cabernet Sauvignon
    • 50% Malbec

    The harvest was affected by a spring frost and characterized by a small yield. Summer was then cooler than usual, with moderate, pleasant temperatures that allowed us to wait until complete ripening was achieved.
    This was particularly favourable for the Cabernet, resulting in good length, structure and acidity. The Malbec kept its fresh fruit character when ripe.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Beautiful, slightly purple colour. Intense, complex nose with ripe red and black fruit, supported by slightly minty tobacco and vanilla aromas with well-integrated oak. Rich, full-bodied, powerful, velvety with good aromatic complexity on the palate and good length.
    A rich, complex and balanced wine with ripe, juicy tannins.

  • Vintage 2004

    • 55% Cabernet Sauvignon
    • 45% Malbec

    The weather conditions in spring and summer were excellent. The end of summer was very hot and dry with the “Sonda”, a very strong wind blowing from the Andes. Because of this, ripening was halted on certain plots of Cabernet Sauvignon at medium altitude. The Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon planted at higher altitudes were not affected.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Beautiful, slightly amber colour. Very ripe red and black fruit on the nose, with woody notes developing into classic vanilla, tobacco and cedar aromas. Rich, full-bodied, powerful, velvety with good aromatic complexity on the palate and good length.
    A rich, balanced wine with ripe and juicy tannins


  • Vintage 2003

    • 50% Cabernet Sauvignon
    • 50% Malbec

    2003  was a great year in Mendoza with good conditions between ripening and the harvests. Spring was somewhat cold and windy, but from the end of January until end of February, there were record-breaking high temperatures. In the high altitude vineyards, the Malbec and Syrah reached perfect maturity, while the Cabernet Sauvignon was very satisfactory.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Beautiful, dark colour. Intense nose, with notes of toast and vanilla, raspberries and black cherries. On the palate, dense, fruity with good length. Caro 2003 combines freshness of fruit with richness and depth – a rich and balanced wine with mature, silky tannins.

  • Vintage 2002

    • 60% Cabernet Sauvignon
    • 40% Malbec

    2002 was an excellent year climatically in Mendoza between ripening and harvest time. A dry summer, not too hot but sunny and stable, with a few short storms in mid-February without consequences for the grapes.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Beautiful dark colour, powerful bouquet, nice toasty, vanilla aromas developing notes of blackberries and black cherries. In the mouth, it is fruity, dense, full-bodied and long. Lovely fresh fruit and lively character.
    A rich, balanced wine with ripe, juicy tannins.


  • Vintage 2001

    • 66% Cabernet Sauvignon
    • 34% Malbec

    Spring and the beginning of summer were characterised by excellent weather conditions for the vines. This year was especially good for the high altitude vineyards, where the very hot summer temperatures helped to reach fine degrees of ripeness and good sugar content.

    The harvests were spread over two weeks, starting on 4 April and finishing on 15 April.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    The weather conditions for the harvests made CARO 2001 an elegant, refined wine with intense ripe red and black fruit, perfectly integrated with the oak. Fine tannins reveal a long aromatic finish.
    The  fruity, juicy Argentine Malbec is complemented by the elegant flavours and texture of the Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Vintage 2000

    • 67% Cabernet Sauvignon
    • 33% Malbec

    The weather was somewhat late this year, with lower springtime temperatures than usual until the beginning of January. The dry, sunny summer nonetheless allowed the grapes to fully ripen with good concentration.

    The harvests took place in excellent conditions at the end of March for the Malbec grapes, and 10 to 15 days later for the Cabernet Sauvignon. 

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    This year saw excellent weather and the first Caro vintage was very much in line with its “parent’s” ambitions, with a fruity, complex bouquet, and a fine structure that is elegant and seductive on the palate. The Malbec’s sweetness combines with the elegance of the texture and flavours of the Cabernet Sauvignon.