Réserve Spéciale Bordeaux Blanc

Like the Réserve Spéciale Bordeaux Rouge, the Réserve Spéciale Bordeaux Blanc is made from a selection of wines from the best terroirs in Bordeaux. Tastings are carried out all over the Bordeaux region to find the most successful wines of the year with a view to creating blends in the tradition of the finest Bordeaux that favour balance over woodiness. The wines selected are mainly from the Entre-Deux-Mers.

Réserve Spéciale Bordeaux Blanc


  • Vintage 2012

    • 50% Sémillon
    • 50% Sauvignon

    2012 was a vintage requiring constant vigilance from winegrowers. After a harsh winter, the cool spring delayed flowering and fertilization was hampered by rain in early June, resulting in flower abortion and uneven grape size, and therefore in lower yields. The damp weather continued into mid-July, but August and September were hot and dry, with a substantial variation between day and night-time temperatures, creating excellent conditions for ripening.

    Tasting notes (at bottling)

    Colour: Bright, pale straw.
    Nose: Intense and aromatic, with marked aromas of exotic fruit (lime, lychees, passion fruit).
    Palate: Fresh and harmonious, with powerful flavours (grapefruit) and a good lively finish.

  • Vintage 2011

    • 60% Sémillon
    • 40% Sauvignon

    As a result of atypical weather conditions, 2011 was an exceptional vintage with flowering finishing three weeks earlier than usual and a very early harvest.
    After a cool, wet July and August, that helped to preserve the aromas of the Sauvignon Blanc (in particular the cool nights), a splendid Indian summer began on 12 September, enabling the red grapes to reach good levels of ripeness. 2011 is what is called a winegrower’s year: a year in which technical management is especially important.

    Tasting notes (at bottling)

    Colour: Pale straw with hints of gold.
    Nose: Fresh and elegant, mixing citrus aromas (grapefruit, lime) with mineral notes (gunflint).
    Palate: After a pleasant sweetness on the attack, this is a full-bodied wine with lots of flavour and a long, cool, aromatic finish. Its generous character makes it an excellent accompaniment for fish and white meat.

  • Vintage 2010

    • 60% Sémillon
    • 40% Sauvignon

    In 2010, the spring season was very favourable for the setting of the fruit. June was quite wet but July, August and September were ideal: sunny days combined with cool nights preserved the flavours, acidity and complexity of the white grapes.
    Healthy grapes and a beautiful late autumn enabled us to harvest unhurriedly in ideal conditions. 

    2010 promises to be an historic vintage in Bordeaux both for red and white wines!

    Tasting note (at bottling)

    Colour: Pale straw yellow with green glints.
    Nose: Aromatic and seductive, dominated by aromas of tropical and citrus fruits (grapefruit, lime) and some notes of boxwood.
    Palate: A lively, fresh wine. Easy to drink. The Sauvignon brings flavours and liveliness while the Sémillon gives fullness and balance on the finish.

    This wine can be drunk as an aperitif or to accompany seafood.